Why Should I Buy... Merlo P60.10

Why should you buy a Merlo P60.10? When it comes to versatile and powerful telehandlers, the Merlo P60.10 stands out as a top contender in the construction and agriculture industries. Let's take a look at why this impressive machine deserves a spot in your line up.

Key Features

  • Engine Make: Kubota V3800 Euro III turbo engine.
  • Engine Power: 100 hp (75 kw).
  • Speed: 40km/h.
  • Lift Height: 10 m.

Impressive Performance in a Compact Package

The Merlo P60.10 is designed to deliver exceptional performance without compromising on maneuverability. With a maximum lift height of 10 meters and a load capacity of 6 tons, this telehandler packs a punch while maintaining a compact and lightweight form factor. This unique design allows for greater flexibility and productivity in tight spaces, making it ideal for a wide range of job sites.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Productivity

Merlo has equipped the P60.10 with several cutting-edge features to boost your operational efficiency:

  • Boom side shift and frame leveling come as standard equipment, allowing for precise load placement and stability on uneven terrain.
  • The "Ring of Steel" design provides additional stability and protection, ensuring safer operations in challenging environments.
  • A hydrostatic Merlo transmission offers smooth and responsive control, enhancing overall handling and performance.
  • The Merlo Dynamic Load Control system helps operators maintain safe working conditions by monitoring load stability in real-time.

Powerful and Efficient Engine

At the heart of the P60.10 is a Kubota 100hp engine, providing ample power for demanding tasks while maintaining fuel efficiency. This combination of power and economy ensures that you can tackle tough jobs without breaking the bank on operating costs.

Versatility for Various Applications

The Merlo P60.10's design allows for exceptional flexibility across different industries. Whether you're working in construction, agriculture, or material handling, this telehandler can adapt to your needs. Its compact size and impressive lift capabilities make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Safety and Comfort

Merlo prioritises operator safety and comfort in the P60.10 design. The machine's compact and lightweight build reduces ground impact and improves maneuverability, enhancing overall safety on the job site. The panoramic cab design offers excellent visibility, further contributing to safe operations.

Available Now

We currently have a used Merlo P60.10 in excellent condition with 534 hours. Contact us to schedule an inspection and experience the versatility of this exceptional machine firsthand.

Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Send James an email at james@acfequipment.com.au or give him a call at 0449 692 316.